Thomas Abeli


Impact of climate change on alpine plants in Southern European mountain chains

Alpine plant species in the Alps and Apennines

Prof. Thomas Abeli is a plant ecologist and conservation biologist at the Roma Tre University in Rome (Italy). He has been working on long-term monitoring of marginal plant populations of alpine plant species and their response to global warming and extreme weather events. His field working areas include the Apennines, Alps and marginally Scandinavia and his research approach include field monitoring and field/lab experimental manipulations for the study of alpine plant response to simulated climate change (e.g. on plants, seedlings and seed).

Prof. Abeli collaborates with the GLORIA network (GLobal Observation Research Initiative in Alpine environments) for two target regions (N-Apennines and Orobian Alps). He is also involved in plant ocnservation through red listing and plant translocation of wetland-dependent species like Stratiotes aloides, Isoetes malinverniana, Leucojum aestivum and recently Marsilea quadrifolia.