Garden – Jiří Pospíšil


Here is a memorial of late Ota Vlasak’s design of a rock garden from the local limestone boulders, setting to the layers by heavy machinery. The layers are broad and massive. Regularly pinched Pinus mugo decorate the outcrop built in the front of an ancient log made cottage of the late parents of the owner Iva Pospíšilová. Blue Moltkia petraea is a nice spot on the high ridge above south-facing side ridges. There is a perfect top dressing among cushion-forming alpines. Good to see is an elegant pale pink marble trough with tufa and smaller plants. Globularia incanescens loves this stony place. There is a very new outcrop from granite curbs with large Zauschneria cana. The place has a brand new summer kitchen with an open fireplace and a covered veranda for sitting. Visitors can use here toilette.

Garden is modern and large with nice rhododendrons, conifers, and a huge Magnolia tree. There is a romantic pool with water cleaning plants suitable for swimming. Visitors enjoy the hospitality of Iva, having coffee in a big open fireplace pavilion or tasting pumping beer during the conference.