Sajad Alipour (Iran)

Iranian alpine plants, the missing link in the world’s rock gardens

Sajad Alipour – Ph.D. of Ornamental Plants and Landscape at Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. As a botanist and ecologist, Sajad has been engaged in research of Iranian native plants in their natural habitats for more than a decade. He has been studying different aspects of Iranian alpine plants including climate change, seed biology, ecology, phenological growth stages, propagation, adaptation, dormancy, etc. He belongs to the most respected Iranian experts in the field of Iranian Dionysia and bulbous plants. The latest species of Iranian dionysia (Dionysia splendens) was discovered by him in 2021. He has very good contacts and cooperation with the world’s leading botanical gardens and was a colleague of a Swedish group as an Iranian expert in the Iranian Dionysia Tour, organized by Gothenburg Botanical Garden in April 2022