Panayoti Kelaidis

Panayoti Kelaidis (USA) -
"Keeping in Steppe: cushions and rock plants from the semi-arid plateaus of the world, and how to grow them in a garden setting"

Panayoti Kelaidis is a plant explorer, gardener and public garden administrator associated with Denver Botanic Gardens where he is now Senior Curator and Director of Outreach. He has designed plantings for many of the gardens at there. He has taken 7 collecting trips to Southern Africa researching the high mountain flora there, as well as travels to the Andes, the Himalaya (in both Pakistan and China) as well as travels throughout much of Europe, and Turkey and of course dozens of expeditions throughout North America from Alaska to Mexico. Many of his plant introductions are available through Plant Select®, (a plant introduction program that has sold over 100 million plants in America and Europe). He has lectured in over 140 cities in seven countries, and has been featured in dozens of television, newspaper and magazine pieces. He has published widely in popular and technical horticultural journals. He has discovered a half dozen plants that have proved new to science.