Martin Hajman

Martin Hajman (Norway) -
"The arctic rock garden in Tromsø. Rock garden construction and excellent conditions for growing of high altitude plants"

Building of Rock landscape by large rocks and growing high altitude plants - Tribute to Czech plant hunters.

Martin Hajman – working at dream job - gardener in Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden – part of The Arctic University of Norway… far north above the arctic circle. Before move to Tromsø, having already dream job - Rock gardening professionally at Botanic Institute of Academy of Science in Pruhonice – Head gardener and curator of large historical alpine garden on natural rocks (UNESCO site) and running nursery. While became member of Prague Rock Garden Club than get the best rock gardening education during exhibition installations, lectures,… meeting Icones and look how they do it. Cofounder of The Czech Association of Perennial Growers. In Tromsø - cowork on large Rock Garden constructions with Bjørn Thon – Man who made rock landscape of Tromsø BG.

Plant interests and specialisations are changing according season… since early spring Saxifraga specialist through summer Cremanthodium-Meconopsis crazy collector ends with Gentiana expert while snowing.

Botanical Trips : Smelling flowers of Daphne velenovskyi in Pirin mountains of Bulgaria, experienced sitting on Acantholimon during many trips to Turkey and, searching Peonies in Georgia’s Kaukasus , tenting in field of Galanthus fosteri in Syria’s mountains, also squeeze sand with teeth among black flowers of Iris petrana in Jordan and get almost kicked by ostrich while discovering beauty of Crassula obtusa in South African mountains. Always enjoying mountain-family picnics in fields of Rhododendron lapponicum around Tromsø.