Briggite Fibeig

Michael Mauser

Briggite Fiebig and Michael Mauser (Germany) - "Persian treasures for the Alpinehouse, Tracing Dionysias in Iran (Impressions of Dionysias in their natural habitat from trips in 2015 and 2016)"

Michael Mauser is an experianced landscape gardener and has been working at the Botanical Garden of Tübingen since 2003. He is in charge of the geographical part of the rockgarden, the alpinehouse and the Dionysia-collection. By visiting various expert growers of Dionysias in Europe he has gained experience in the cultivation of this precious genus.

Brigitte Fiebig is the horticultural manager of the Botanical Garden of the University of Tübingen. As an enthusiastic plantswoman she is thrilled to see plants all over the world.