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Garden Jiri Papousek

Jiri in his garden combines various features, enabling him to grow a wide range of plants with quite different requirements. You can see here two areas with crevices from limestone and also from slate, collected during construction of new highway. All slate stones were manually loaded on trailer  with help of his sons Vaclav and Ondrej. On the East side of house Jiri build 10 metres long tunell covered with the roof and with  tufa wall inside. Tufa was transported again on trailer with manual loading from quarry located 700 km from the garden. Tunell shows encouranging results in a cultivation of various plants like dionysias, saxifragas, dwarf daphnes etc. In other part of the garden you can see  raised beds from granite and  peat blocks on more shaded sides. There is also new alpine house for the cultivation in pots. Jiri likes to propagate wide range of plants from cuttings, his main focus are cushion plants, daphnes and dionysias.