2nd to 5th May 2013

Five years after our successful First International Conference in Beroun, we have arranged yet another in the Wellness & Congress Hotel Dvořák in Tábor, the medieval county town of Southern Bohemia. We aim to make this Second International Conference even better than the first. We are going to offer a cocktail of high level lectures, interactive workshops and themed evenings. The conference program is designed to give participants plenty of time for intensive networking of all sorts.

We have chosen to move from our previous comfortable venue to the city of Tábor so as to take advantage of a 200-seat conference hall at the Hotel Dvořák while also having the opportunity of showing you the most charming countryside of the Czech Republic. Tábor is 90 kilometres south of Praha (Prague); express trains (Praha Hlavní Nádraží) and buses (Underground Station Praha-Roztyly) serve the city practically every hour on weekdays and the hotel has a plenty of parking space for delegates who come by car.


The Hotel Dvořák was quite recently the town brewery and a fortified castle. The large brewery has been rebuilt as a 4-Star Congress Hotel. The cellars and surroundings are very suitable for tasting Czech lagers (Pilsners) for the Scandinavians, and lighter ales for any weaker nations. The hotel has plenty of beer and even offers a therapeutic beer spa (bathing in genuine beer with yeast). Two people may bathe together in beer in wooden vessels - as well as having pumped pipe beer available for an even stronger cure.

Meals based on traditional Bohemian (Czech and Moravian) cuisine will be served, digested and - we hope - remembered.