• David Rankin (Scotland): The modern plant hunter: searching for long-lost primulas
  • Robert Wallis (England): Flying to the Heights of Turkey: some highlights of the mountains
  • Brigitte Fiebig and Michael Mauser (Germany): Persian treasures for the Alpinehouse, Tracing Dionysias in Iran (Impressions of Dionysias in their natural habitat from trips in 2015 and 2016)
  • Olga Bondareva (Russia): Spring in Western Caucasus
  • Panayoti Kelaidis (USA): Keeping in Steppe: cushions and rock plants from the semi-arid plateaus of the world, and how to grow them in a garden setting
  • Martin Hajman (Norway): The arctic rock garden in Tromsø. Rock garden construction and excellent conditions for growing of high altitude plants
  • Vojtěch Holubec (CZ): In search of purple Caltha and other Tibetan gems
  • Zdeněk Zvolánek (CZ): The Crevice Garden and its Plants